Save Space

Optimise operational costs with occupancy tracking & location monitoring services. Understand space utilisation & movement throughout your premises.

Choosing the right size real estate is essential for businesses embracing hybrid working and reducing operational costs. DIREK’s occupancy monitoring and location tracking services provide valuable data to make informed decisions, determining occupants' density, movement and proximity within buildings for efficient utilisation of the indoor spaces. With the latest technology used in IoT, DIREK provides the right data to optimise your indoor spaces.

Our occupancy monitoring and location tracking service provides accurate live and historical data to help businesses gain an insight into how their premises have been used over a given period. This helps them to optimise their space for improved efficiency and productivity. Our unique solution allows custom monitoring zones to be created in any size and shape.


Small businesses

Improve your premises' occupancy monitoring and location tracking with DIREK's real-time and historic data. Identify the frequency of visitors entering and exiting, and predict the number of customers in the upcoming days. Integrate DIREK's data and the local systems to find out the conversion rate.

Large corporates

Eliminate expensive real estate and utility costs and enhance office space utilisation with Direk's Safe Space technology. Reduce your monthly desk costs in London to less than £1000 and achieve a return of investment in less than a year.

Large venues and exhibitions

Direk's Safe Space helps you focus on Location-Based services, enabling you to map out indoor areas and identify busy or quiet intervals, high traffic and bottlenecks areas. This feature is especially useful for managing social distancing during viral infections, crowd management and optimising staff utilisation.

SAVE MONEY on real estate with SUBSTANTIAL's occupancy monitoring and location tracking services, providing better visibility into less-utilised spaces and helping organisations to modify their office layout.

MAXIMISE your property's cost-effectiveness with DIREK's occupancy monitoring and location tracking solutions, as well as local control systems integration.

MEASURE the effect of campaigns and promotions on visitor numbers with determine Occupancy Monitoring & Location Tracking Service.

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