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Space Optimisation and
Occupancy Management

The Future of Facility Management

DIREK’s innovative solutions in space management and optimisation, including the advanced DIREK-M sensor for smart occupancy detection and the DIREK-D Edge Gateway for enhanced data connectivity, are tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern workplaces. Our AI-based technologies and smart occupancy management systems are designed to maximise efficiency, safety, and comfort in various settings, from offices to retail spaces and healthcare facilities, embodying the essence of smart building technology and smart sensors.

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Top-down view of an agile workspace with smart building design, showcasing hot desking areas, space planning for collaboration, and potential occupancy sensor placement for smart space management

Enhancing Facility Management

Facility managers are at the forefront of creating functional, safe, and efficient workplaces. DIREK’s solutions support these goals by providing:


Budget Management

Effectively control operational costs by leveraging smart sensor technology to optimise cleaning and maintenance strategies


Regulation Compliance

Improve your building's compliance rating by aligning indoor spaces with stringent safety and well-being standards, including ASHRAE 189.1 and WELL.


Health and Hygiene

Ensures cleanliness and hygiene, crucial in communal areas. Improve on Air quality measures, and sanitisation for a healthier work environment.


Environmental Sustainability

Boost BMS energy efficiency by 30% using DIREK-M occupancy sensor data to optimise energy usage. Implement green initiatives to reduce carbon footprints effectively.


Space Utilisation and Efficiency

Optimise office space use with dynamic office configurations and hot desking. Identify empty desks and underutilised meeting rooms and spaces, and strategically repurpose them.


Employee Comfort and Productivity

Enhance workplace satisfaction using ergonomic design and noise control. Transform underutilised spaces into popular areas that align with employee preferences and needs.

AI Powered Smart Occupancy Management


Seamless Integration

Real-time, accurate monitoring of space usage using occupancy sensors and people counters.


Real-Time Data Analytics

Offers instant reporting for decision-making, enhancing collaboration spaces experience.


AI and Machine Learning

Data-driven insights for pattern recognition and predictive analysis.


Automated Control Systems

Integrates with existing systems for seamless automation of lighting, HVAC, and more, highlighting the capabilities of smart building technology.


User-Friendly Interface

Offer an intuitive web dashboard and recommender system for efficient space management, ensuring ease of use and accessibility for all users.

Transforming Workplaces with Intelligent Technology

DIREK’s Key Solutions

DIREK’s AI-based smart occupancy management solution marks a significant advancement in facility management, delivering automation, efficiency, and adaptability. Enhance your space utilisation, workplace experience, and create a safer, more comfortable, and productive environment with DIREK.

D-XPERT: AI Based Energy Efficiency Recommender

Intelligent Energy Management

Employs AI to suggest energy-saving strategies, tailored to specific space needs and aligned with sustainability goals.

Space Management & Optimisation

Dynamic Space Allocation

Adapts to changing workforce needs, supporting flexible working models, and maximising space efficiency.

Environment Monitoring & Energy Management

Integrated Environmental Controls

Monitors and adjusts building conditions for optimal energy usage and occupant comfort.

Proprietary Occupancy Monitoring Technology

Real-Time Occupancy Tracking

Advanced sensors for precise occupancy detection, ensuring optimal space utilisation and addressing social distancing concerns.

Optimise, Innovate, Excel with DIREK

Discover the future of workplace management with DIREK's innovative smart technologies. Say goodbye to overcrowding and tailgating security risks with our occupancy sensors and smart building technology. Partner with us for seamless space planning and management, tailored to enhance your workplace experience and productivity.