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DIREK-M Sensor

Precision Occupancy Tracking
with Total Privacy

The cutting-edge DIREK-M sensor is your ultimate solution for smart occupancy detection and monitoring in smart buildings. Designed for diverse environments including meeting rooms, collaborative spaces, pods, desks and agile workspaces, the DIREK-M redefines how you understand and utilise your spaces with advanced space management techniques.

Side view of DIREK-M sensor: smart occupancy monitoring sensor with mmWave sensor technology

How it works?

Radar Technology

DIREK-M sensors employ advanced radar technology to detect motion and presence, by emitting RF signals and analysing reflected waves.

High-Frequency Sensing

Exceptionally capable of detecting movements in fractions of a second with utmost precision, these smart sensors are integral to effective office space planning.

Privacy-Aware Smart Sensors

Our sensor technology anonymises data at the source, ensuring privacy. These presence sensors support overcrowding management and workplace strategy.

Professional analysing smart building metrics on an AI-powered analytics dashboard, displaying data for occupancy, space management, and smart sensor

Key Features

Wide Area Coverage
Real-Time Data Insights
Privacy Preservation
Compact and Unobtrusive
Material Penetration
Unmatched Accuracy
Ambient Lighting Condition Resilience
Front and side views of DIREK-M sensor: smart occupancy monitoring sensor with mmWave sensor technology

Diverse Applications

AI-powered analytic dashboard
Data-Driven Planning
Data-Driven Planning

Utilise comprehensive data to enhance space management and workspace experience, ensuring optimal space utilisation and comfortably fitting more people per square meter. This streamlined approach transforms indoor space planning efficiently.

Smart Building Management
Smart Building Management

Integrates with DIREK's D-XPERT platform for space optimisation and enhancing energy efficiency. This system supports smart building solutions, integrates with BMS systems and other building control integrated systems, reducing maintenance costs by minimising expenditures on unused areas.

Business Analytics
Business Analytics

Utilise people counting and tracking technologies to monitor visitor behaviour, enhance the visitor experience, and accurately assess footfall. This enables effective tracking of dwell time, providing valuable insights for business optimisation.

Security & Safety
Security & Safety

Enhance security and safety by monitoring restricted areas with door sensors, crucial for managing tailgating security risks. Our system also helps reduce overcrowded spaces, improve employee well-being and maintain a secure environment.

Product Specifications

Detection Range: Up to 28 SQM
Installation Height: 2.5m to 4.0m
Power Supply: DC12V
Radar Frequency: 60GHz
Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth LE
Horizontal Detection Angle: 120°
Broadcast Range: Up to 150 meters in open environments
Installation: Ceiling-mounted, magnetic attachment
Dimensions: Main body 83x21mm; Mounting base 66x6.1mm
Operating Conditions:
Temperature -10 to +60; Humidity ≤95%RH, non-condensing
Back view of DIREK-M sensor: smart occupancy monitoring sensor with mmWave sensor technology

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Maximise space utilisation efficiency with DIREK-M to reduce operational and maintenance costs. Enhance your building's ROI by ensuring privacy and optimising each square meter. Experience the power of intelligent space management firsthand.

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