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Working at DIREK

DIREK is where groundbreaking progression meets steadfast principles. From our roots in telecommunications to revolutionising smart building management, we've maintained a balance between swift innovation and maintaining high standards. Ethics, sustainability, and quality are at the heart of what we do. Here, leading your domain is not just encouraged, it’s essential. If making a tangible difference in creating sustainable, smart environments motivates you, you belong to DIREK. Prepare for a career that’s constantly evolving and never dull.

Interested in making a mark? We're eager to see your potential!

Current Openings


Competitive stock options

Own a piece of DIREK and multiply its value as you grow with us. We benchmark at the top 15% percentile of options grants and employ a UK EMI scheme.

Private Medical and Dental Insurance

Comprehensive cover for all UK-based employees and a stipend for our remote-based employees.

Development budget

You’ll be able to spend £800 a year on your personal learning and development, and you'll benefit from separate additional team budgets for conferences, events and more!

PTO and flexible working

You'll have at least 25 days off per year, plus public holidays, and we'll approve any additional time off for your own wellbeing. DIREK has hybrid and remote roles. Work flexibly during your best daytime hours. We also allow short international stays up to one month.